Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Andromeda Legacy Competition is speeding ONWARD!

So, it seems the Universe did't end this week-end.

The Competition is GOING ON, as we found at least THREE dedicated people who sent their intent before the deadline.
Now, the next step is making whatever sort of a game you can make in the next 2 months, starting from... yesterday!

Now I am looking for judges, as this won't be made in a poll-like voting system but via a jury.

Anyone interested in judging the games (remember: they can be speedIfs but even 100-roomers, although unlikely), please PM me (Jamespking @ intfiction.org) or write at the same old minnocenti (at) kidstudio (dot.it)

Thanks to all the participants and to all who did support this madness up to now!

Cya around June 30th for some heavy gaming!