Friday, July 13, 2012

The Legacy RESULTS!

So, especially soon for the Comp's deadline, we are announcing the final score of

The Andromeda Legacy - Competition.

With a brilliant story, told with flavor and... some technical problem, the Second best is:

--- Tree and Star, by Paul Lee
To the author the prize of € 100,00!

And then, with a game which is running for Game of the Year (in my mind, I mean), WINS the Comp:

--- Andromeda Dreaming, by Joey Jones
To the author the prize of € 150,00!

You can find extended commentaries from the jury (namely: me and Wade Clarke) here.


Thanks all for playing—and to Wade for the extremely careful and fun judging—, you really made my day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Andromeda Legacy competition: Update

As the deadline expires, two games reach my inbox!
They are:

Andromeda Dreaming, by Joey Jones
Tree and Star, by Paul Lee

Both look promising. The judging committee (namely, me and Six author Wade Clarke) will decide on the winner in the next 30 days.

The games have been publicly made available here.

Good luck to all the entrants and a special wish for the one (name withheld on purpose) who didn't submit his work in time due to health problems.


As a final note,  a heartily thank you to all who committed in this competition. The authors, the judge(s), the ones who talked to me about it with suggestions and proposals and all who played Andromeda Awakening in the last few months rating it in the IFDB.
You made this thing funny and I hope it spawned two new Sci-fi masterpieces, 'cause Sci-fi sure needs it.

Have fun,


Friday, June 1, 2012

The Legacy, 30 days l8r...

30 days to submission deadline for the Andromeda Competition!

O ye valorous coders, beware!

Still looking for more judges!
Please PM or email me if you are considering a role inside the High Tribunal of the Galaxy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Andromeda Legacy Competition is speeding ONWARD!

So, it seems the Universe did't end this week-end.

The Competition is GOING ON, as we found at least THREE dedicated people who sent their intent before the deadline.
Now, the next step is making whatever sort of a game you can make in the next 2 months, starting from... yesterday!

Now I am looking for judges, as this won't be made in a poll-like voting system but via a jury.

Anyone interested in judging the games (remember: they can be speedIfs but even 100-roomers, although unlikely), please PM me (Jamespking @ or write at the same old minnocenti (at) kidstudio (

Thanks to all the participants and to all who did support this madness up to now!

Cya around June 30th for some heavy gaming!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Less than 48 hours to a LEGENDARY DEADLINE

Last recall!

Less than 48 hrs to go. Get ready to get in play!
Just a short piece of IF, or even a SpeedIF, can let you win REAL BUCKS. Also, you will be participating in the most absurd Competition EVER!

To all of the nice writers, the nice coders, the nice people out there: Get your chance at IMMORTALITY!

PM me with your intent submission (it's FREE! it's COOL!) or email at minnocenti (strange a) kidstudio (simple period) it.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Andromeda Legacy: 10 days to intents submissions deadline

Ten days to the deadline, people!

The Competition is about to start. We need at least two games to get it rolling or else yours truly will hold the prizes all for himself!

Do yer best!

(Find all the needed info here or a few posts back.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Thing 2012 - Sleuth by Scott Greig

This will be quick.

Unfortunately I don't have a PC.
I can't play this game.

And I'm not going to buy a Dell or something to play this game. I wouldn't have even if it was Trinity part 2. And it seems it is not.

I'm not going to judge it. Bet you saw that one coming...

(Fine JizaBoz [and not, as previously stated, JoeyJones*]. I'm on your game, now. Thanks for waiting...)

* Looks like I can't memorize people's names. Is it a sort of syndrome?


Spring Thing 2012 - Review: The White Bull by Jim Aikin

Here's my last review for the Sprint Thing 2012.

This game is in TADS and has given me the chance to try the new QTads interpreter for Mac. Two thumbs up! The new QTads interpreter for Mac has no icon. Two thumbs down.

Looks like we start even, here.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Thing 2012 - Review: More on The Egg and the Newbie

So, it looks like we have a walkthrough, now.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Thing 2012 - Review: The Egg and the Newbie by Robert DeFord

I have a novel underway. I had it for quite some time, now. At least four years. After the first three, on May 2011, I thought it was ready for publishing (editors permitting).
About a month ago, I started re-reading the novel. No editor jumped out of my email inbox shouting "my god, the masterpiece" lately, so I thought I might be giving my work another chance. Pen in a hand, prints in the other, a pair of DrDre headphones and a thunderstorm recorded somewhere in the iPod, I started correcting it again.

My sheeshy-gosh.

Every single page has now so many strokes and corrections (some eventually wiping out entire "essential" passages, some devouring scenes like a famished Carcharodon) that the original print is barely visible. That made me think.


Spring Thing 2012 - Review: The Rocket Man from the Sea by Janos Honkonen

SpringThing 2012 is up and running and who knows who, someone must have given me the right to judge the entrants.

Some forewords.

First, be patient with my english. I will no doubt judge the games for the eventual lack of polish and typos etc. Knowing how much my literary merits ghost in plain daylight, one would think "who dares?"
It is exactly my thought.

Second: the rating for the games will be overall and not specific to any degree. I'm not the dissectionist of IF and all I am able to do is tell if a game is worthy or unworthy of some playthroughs. The votes will range between Giant Red (meaning: wow!) and Cyanotic (meaning: wow...). You can read them as a numeric value that goes from 5 to 1. Or 4 to 0. Or whatever: it's not like they will write a book about my ratings.

Last: I judge the games according to my opinion and mine only. If you dissent, feel free to comment here or find a place where to start the conversation. I'm sure it will be funny.

Now on with Game One: The Rocket Man from the Sea, by Janos Honkonen

Just be warned:


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Thing 2012

Spring Thing 2012 is up and running.
Four games in three different formats (zmachine/glulx, TADS, Quest), available for download and judgement.

Soon, some reviews on these pages.

Monday, April 9, 2012


You can find (almost) all the known facts about the Andromeda Legacy's universe here.

Be warned, though, as: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Andromeda Legacy™: The Expansion of a Shrinking Universe
First Annual IF Competition, Ed. 2012

//// The Rules ////

• You can use whatever programming tool you want to build a piece of IF based on the Award Non-winning game Andromeda Awakening by Marco Innocenti.
• It can be a traditional text adventure or a CYOA, with everything that stands in the middle (really: what you want/like)
• The game must be at least one room and can span to multitudes.
• The game can be puzzle-less or a puzzle-fest.
• The game can be a SpeedIF or a Blue Lacuna In Space.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include PC or NPCs from the original game.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include the Hyerotropes™.
• The game can be set before, after or during the events narrated in the original IF.
• The game can be serious, ironic or laughable at. Whatever.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the course of history as it is told in the original IF.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the existing setting of the original IF (i.e.: Monarch has three suns, not two or one or four).
• The game MUST be freeware or CC or whatever, as long as it is shareable and free to play.
• You are highly recommended to have your game betatested and proofread.


• You can ask Marco Innocenti whatever question you like about your or his game, in order to do the best job you can.
• PM me or email Marco Innocenti (minnocenti <chiocciolina> kidstudio <punto> it) for a recap of the known facts about the lore of Andromeda Awakening (in case you didn't finish/understand the original game or want a recap anyway).