Saturday, January 12, 2013

Were the Mayans really wrong? The Apocalypse is coming... again!

This time we are taking our time, what do you think?


So, be ready for:

The Andromeda Legacy™: The Expansion of a Shrinking Universe
Second Annual IF Competition, Ed. 2013

//// The Rules ////

• You can use whatever programming tool you want to build a piece of IF based on the Award-winning games Andromeda Dreaming and Andromeda Apocalypse and the superb but non-winning Tree and Star and Andromeda Awakening (and we do encourage the use of a less used one, like Quest, Inklewriter, or Hugo).
• It can be a traditional text adventure or a CYOA, with everything that stands in the middle
• The game must be at least one room and can span to multitudes.
• The game can be puzzle-less or a puzzle-fest.
• The game can be a SpeedIF or a Blue Lacuna In Space.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include PC or NPCs from the games on the same setting.
• The game CAN or CANNOT include the Hyerotropes™.
• The game can be set before, after or during the events narrated in the other IFs.
• The game can be serious, ironic or laughable at. Whatever.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the course of history as it is told in the canon IF.
• The game MUST NOT try and change the existing setting of the canon IF (i.e.: Monarch has three suns, not two or one or four).
• The game MUST be freeware or CC or whatever, as long as it is shareable and free to play.
• You are highly recommended to have your game betatested and proofread.


• You can ask Marco Innocenti whatever question you like about your or his game, in order to do the best job you can.
• PM me or email Marco Innocenti (minnocenti <chiocciolina> kidstudio <punto> it) for a recap of the known facts about the lore of Andromeda Series (in case you didn't finish/understand the canon games or want a recap anyway).

//// Legal Notice ////

The material included inside the Competition's entrants WILL NOT become intellectual property of Marco Innocenti but will stay of the various original authors (that means what I've done stays mine, what you add is yours). In case what you come up with is interesting or funny enough, Marco will probably ask for the use of some parts (like he did with the slang and some chars from Dreaming by Joey Jones) but you answer may very well be "no."

//// The Prizes ////

Oh, yes, there are prizes too!

A Jury (who's judgement is final etc. etc…) will be organized to judge the entrants. There will be only one challenge, the Best Game. No "best writing", "best setting", "best innovations", "best BigMac". If no jury will be assembled, Marco Innocenti will be the sole judge. Who's judgement will be final etc. etc...
If you have time and will you are eligible to be a judge, as long as you are not in the competition as an author.

Yours truly is willing to donate for the winning titles:

Winner: € 200 (we up the ante! You happy?)
2nd: € 100
3rd: € 50

If you are filthy rich as Marco Innocenti wants to become, you are eligible to donate more prizes, and/or add categories for the Awards.

//// The Deadline ////

• You must submit a FREE "I'm interested in this" registration before: March 15th, 2013, 23h59 Central European Time.

• Your games must be submitted directly to Marco Innocenti via PM or email (minnocenti <chiocciolina> kidstudio <punto> it) before: June 30, 2013, 23h59 Central European Time. (yes, you have a lot of time!)

• The winners will be celebrated on: July 31st. When and where I'll find soon enuf.

//// Entry Fee ////

The Competition is completely free.

//// The Disclaimer ////

I'm not into this for anything but ego-enlargement.
Also, some of you expressed their interest on pushing the saga forward. So, why not do it... and risk getting paid for it?

//// Where? ////

Here, or else on the website, where the jury can post its comments, reviews and votes (maybe).
Or else it will stay all under the hood, in my computer, unless I find someone willing to help me on the subject.
This forums will be the hub for everything as long as I have news.

//// ADDENDUM ////

Given this is a competition, it will be held only if AT LEAST 2 games are entered. Two is enough.
Less than 2 means no comp.


Let's start!
I have faith in you!


* really: there's 2 award winning games in a 4 games total. That's better than the Lord of the Rings. Well, close enough by the way.