Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Andromeda Legacy competition: Update

As the deadline expires, two games reach my inbox!
They are:

Andromeda Dreaming, by Joey Jones
Tree and Star, by Paul Lee

Both look promising. The judging committee (namely, me and Six author Wade Clarke) will decide on the winner in the next 30 days.

The games have been publicly made available here.

Good luck to all the entrants and a special wish for the one (name withheld on purpose) who didn't submit his work in time due to health problems.


As a final note,  a heartily thank you to all who committed in this competition. The authors, the judge(s), the ones who talked to me about it with suggestions and proposals and all who played Andromeda Awakening in the last few months rating it in the IFDB.
You made this thing funny and I hope it spawned two new Sci-fi masterpieces, 'cause Sci-fi sure needs it.

Have fun,


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